Methods for dating a navy man. KillarneyRose and I also have previously talked about any of it…

Methods for dating a navy man. KillarneyRose and I also have previously talked about any of it…

KillarneyRose and I also have previously talked about that, but i decided to start a thread.

We came across a totally wonderful man on the weekend at a marriage (the bride’s mom and their sibling have now been starting only a little matchmaking right right here for the few months)- we hung out all night of this wedding and all sorts of the day that is next. He is within the navy (decided to go to the Academy) and everyday lives in Seattle (I am in Pittsburgh).

Therefore I guess my concerns are:

Information for dating some guy when you look at the military?

How will you deal as he’s away? (at the least he’s on a sub. Then when he’s out, he’s underwater the time that is whole. Not docking anywhere to obtain in big trouble with a few Thai hookers: p )

Any basic advice for beginning a lengthy distance relationship (i’ve never had one! ) in this type of context?

He is currently produced great work to get things going- has called me personally everyday (also today! ) and now we’ve been emailing often. I became skeptical that perhaps it had been simply a great little thing that is flingy-type but he is actually impressed me personally, and We definately think he is worth every penny.

Any advice could be significantly valued!

He is a ‘bubblehead’?: ) (Navy slang for a submariner. ) The submarine solution is also called the ‘silent service’ and for valid reason: they stay listed below and literally be one with all the ocean. Get discovered, you die.

It surely is determined by which kind of submarine he is on. If he is on an SSN (the quick assault ships) they are often gone for months at the same time, on missions so highly categorized which he can not (and will not) let you know any such thing about this.

The Gold crew is ashore training, on leave, etc. SSBN patrols (‘boomers’ in Navy slang) last approximately 80 days if he’s on an SSBN (the Trident ballistic missile submarines) the patrols are more regimented; they have two separate crews, called Blue and Gold; while the Blue crew is on patrol.

Become interested in the Navy. Learn how to read a person that is military uniform: ranks and prices, ribbons, medals and designs, as well as other insignia. The armed forces uniform, to your initiate, will say to you the ranking, device (often), prizes and decorations she or he attained, along with skills.

Take serious notice of their ‘dolphins’ (the submarine insignia that is qualified; lots of time and effort went into making him qualified to wear them; while he is understanding how to become qualified, he gets mercilessly razzed by the other already-qualified dolphin wearers.

Have patience; if he’s on patrol, he may never be in a position to answer emails. I don’t understand when they nevertheless deliver ‘familygrams’, (brief messages provided for the submarine by relatives and buddies) but subs nowadays can get and deliver email whenever functional requirements dictate.

Hope it will help.

Focus on AlphaSigOU, Dani, he understands their isht!

(Although i might have most likely rephrased “get found, you die” just a little differently!; ) )

Yep, he is a “bubblehead”. He is additionally a “nuc” (slang that KillarneyRose explained). Works on a nuclear submarine, can not really tell me any such thing particular which they do. He went to “nuc college” after completing during the Academy. We now haven’t actually talked especially as to what degree of interaction he has got as he’s away in the sub. But I do not think it really is much.

Does anybody know of any websites that are good fundamental navy information on it? Cliff records to navy stuff: p

Many thanks a great deal for the advice, AlphaSigOU!

But do not send really individual material on household grms or e-mail, it’s not personal after all in which he should be teased unmercifully over mushy individual material: )

Personally I think your pain my boyfriend is trying to get the NUPOC system, therefore next summer time he will undoubtedly be away a lot