Let me make it clear about GTI Holdings

Let me make it clear about GTI Holdings

I have already been phone that is getting saying We took away that loan in with GTI holdings i have never ever also been aware of this business they do say We owe $But would cut me a deal for halfIn payments i’d like these phone phone phone calls to stopHow they got all my information We’ll can’t say for sure

I’ve been required days gone by 3 yrs or much much longer in regards to a pay day loan thatwas never ever applied for. My grandmoth receives calls multi times just about every day and I also haven’t provided or utilized her telephone number fpr such a thing. We call the collections Absolute telling me personally We took that loan last year and that I owe cash now or even a summons will likely to be granted to arise in court or even worse they will certainly collect away from my receiving, they just do not understand where We reside or work. Please help me to stop this harassment on myself and my children. I actually do not need to surface in court however if I really do GTI Holdings is the next one out of court with this!

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Simply talked to Capital Systems again over the expected loan who claims they don’t know the account loan visited haven’t any account quantity with gti holdings but i’ll be likely to jail over that loan we d >

We am being threatened from collections of getting to prison for the loan that I d >

NorthWest Solutions of Studio City is trying to make an assortment from for many type or kind of pay day loan from GTI Holdings that I owe absolutely absolutely nothing on. They’ve threatened me with appropriate action today and so are demanding over $2000.00 Will some body from your own business contact them.More